"Dare To Share" 2010 Patient Referral Program, Our Biggest & Best Ever!

Here’s The Reality:

In the history of Davies Eye Center, nothing we’ve ever done has helped more patients receive the vision care they needed than our annual patient referral program.  The way we look at it, we get to spoil you even more for doing what you already do so well, and that is… “Sharing Your Vision Experience!”

Our goal is to continue to create an unforgettable experience for each one of our patients.

We’re excited to make our 2010 ‘Dare To Share’ Patient Referral Program our biggest and best ever!

It’s our way of saying thank you!


We promise to NEVER take your referrals for granted…EVER!   

So here they are:

10 Exciting Gifts You Can Win For Participating In Our 2010 ‘Dare To Share’ Patient Referral Program 

Just Follow These 2 Easy Steps:

1. Do what you normally do every time you have a great experience somewhere…Tell your
family and friends about it.

Share the details about your visit to Davies Eye Center with them. The results you experienced and how your quality of life has improved.

Here are some easy questions to ask:

  • Have they had an eye exam in the last 6 months?
  • Have they complained about fuzzy or blurred vision?
  • Are they tired of their glasses or contacts?
  • Are they looking for the best possible vision and don’t know where to find it?
  • Would they like to be added to this monthly newsletter?

2. Help that family member or friend call  Joanne or Monica today, at (760) 284-6724 to schedule their appointment.

Most insurances cover a routine medical exam to an ophthalmologist, a medical eye doctor.

Be sure to tell them to mention your name when they call.

Please…Don’t Keep Us Secret!

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