James Noe first fell in love with racing back in 1970 while at a track in Riverside. That is where a beautiful blue color car caught his eye. He told himself right then if he ever got into racing he would want that same color car. Having three children to help raise and provide for, he put his car racing desires on hold. Then in 1997, his dream finally came true when he started racing a 1967 vintage Porsche 911 S that he’d converted to a race car. The color? A beautiful baby blue. For James, traveling at speeds of 120+mph is fulfilling what was once a dream. When James isn’t on the track racing, you’ll find him out fly fishing or volunteering at the Healing Foods Kitchen in the Scripps Cancer Center with his wife, Grace.

From tying flies to chopping onions and doing dishes, James had been wearing glasses since he was 30 years old. Glasses can be a nuisance for anyone, but for someone like James that enjoys racing, they caused him to lose a lot of his peripheral vision…a must have if you want to race cards.

James first became a Davies Eye patient in 2005. He was referred to us by Dr. Hutchinson, one of our referring optometrist in Encinitas. Dr. Davies recommended the Crystalens, brand new lens implant technology at the time, to correct James’ vision. Because of his outstanding procedure in 2005, James has gotten back on the track taking the Crystalens to new speeds…all free of glasses of course.

Dr. Davies teamed up with his friend, Colin Pierce, to capture some video of James Noe doing what he loves with his new crystal clear vision.

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