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Patients can expect expert care and compassionate eye care specialists at Davies Eye Center for any eye care service or surgery. We aim to protect eye health and vision through a patient-centric approach in a warm environment with personalized treatment plans. To us, you are more than just another patient – we want you to thrive and have your best vision and quality of life possible.

We offer treatment for:

  • CataractsAlmost anybody who lives long enough will eventually develop a cataract. This happens when the natural lens behind the iris of the eye gradually gets cloudy and interferes with light and images getting to your retina, making your visions blurrier. Without treatment, cataracts can lead to blindness. Surgical removal and replacement with an artificial way is the only way to treat cataracts, and the surgery is highly effective and safe.
  • Dry eyeDo you have chronically itchy, red, inflamed eyes? You could be suffering from dry eye. Although millions of people have dry eye disease, most aren’t getting treated. This progressive condition can cause to permanent eye damage, so it’s crucial to see an ophthalmologist for an evaluation as soon as you notice a problem. Davies Eye Center accepts self-referrals for dry eye evaluations or patient referrals from optometrists.
  • GlaucomaOur ophthalmologists highly encourage yearly eye exams from optometrists, especially once you turn 60, when glaucoma becomes more common. This condition occurs when the intraocular pressure becomes too high, which ultimately damages the optic nerve – the cable between the eye to the brain. Damage that has occurred cannot be reversed, and glaucoma requires prompt, early treatment to slow the course of the progressive disease.
  • Macular degenerationThis disease is age-related and involves the damage or breakdown of the eye’s macula, which is the small area of the retina at the back of the eye that allows us to see fine details clearly. This progressive condition has no known cure, meaning early diagnosis is crucial to mitigate symptoms and manage it. 
  • LASIK vision correction: Davies Eye Center offers an exciting alternative to vision correction through contact lenses or glasses. Lasers are used to treat many eye conditions, and LASIK if an FDA-approved procedure that has been on the market since 1995 and treats refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Ask Your Optometrist for a Referral to Davies Eye Center

We accept patient referrals through optometrists and self-referrals only for dry eye evaluations and LASIK evaluations. Please ask your optometrist to refer you to our Oceanside ophthalmology practice by calling (760) 284-6724 or reaching out online now.

  • Dr. Alexander  Foster Photo

    "Dr. Foster believes every patient deserves a tailored approach to cataract surgery and he will be happy to help you design a plan to achieve your optimum results."

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  • Dr. Kevin  Garff Photo

    "Dr. Garff is passionate about tailoring treatment to match each individual patient's needs."

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  • Dr. Kimberly  Cockerham Photo


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  • Dr. James  Davies Photo

    "After 30 years at the helm of Davies Eye Center, James A. Davies, MD has now officially retired. We will miss him!"

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Our Reviews

  • “From the first phone call to make the appointment through my meeting with Dr. Foster, I felt cared for every step of the way.”

    - Lorraine D.
  • “Everyone I encountered was professional, pleasant and knowledgeable.”

    - Peggy F.
  • “I love the new location plenty of parking. Dr Davies and his staff are very friendly.”

    - Louis R.
  • “Davies Eye Care was a great experience for me and my family.”

    - Christopher J.
  • “Customer service excellent, Covid friendly, efficient, friendly, knowledgeable.”

    - Patricia B.
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