What We Do

Cataract Surgery — cataracts develop as a natural aging of the eye, and can lead to blurred images, distorted colors, and decreased night vision.

Refractive Lens Exchange — some people choose to remove their natural lens before the cataracts are “ripe,” and insert a Crystalens, restoring their youthful vision.

LASIK — we only do Custom IntraLase LASIK, because we only want the BEST for our patients.

PRK — similar to LASIK, utilizes but reshapes the surface of the cornea.

CK (conductive keratoplasty) — the only FDA-approved technology to treat presbyopia, this procedure uses a pen-sized tool to apply radiofrequency in a circular pattern on the surface of the eye.

Glaucoma — the “Silent Blinder” is an extremely common eye disease.

ECP — introduced to San Diego by Dr. Davies, this laser treatment lowers intraocular pressure, and has helped reduce dependence on glaucoma medication.

Macular Degeneration — this is the leading cause of irreversible visual impairment among the elderly.


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