In our market-driven world, we’ve grown accustomed to hearing about “Bigger and Better” this or that, whether we’re being sold margarine, soup or lawn mowers. But what about a “bigger is better” incision used in cataract surgery?

The reality is, “the smaller the better” when it comes to the size of incision used in cataract surgery. (More on this later). I remember well as a first-year ophthalmology resident the day Dr. Charles Kelman visited our program. Without any advance intelligence on the matter, I had no appreciation of just whom it was we were meeting. It’s like having a budding astronaut meet Robert H. Goddard, a true “rocket scientist” and inventor of the liquid-fueled rocket. No Goddard, no astronaut! Dr. Kelman, you see, is the visionary who realized that making a 10 to 12 millimeter incision in order to remove a cataract was just not the right approach. He knew in his heart of hearts that when it came to cataract surgery, smaller really was better, so he set out to find a way to make that a reality. Fast forward to 2011, and meet the latest advance, inspired by Kelman’s work, the Stellaris® Vision Enhancement System,  a wonderful device that has taken that 12 mm incision down to a tiny 1.8 mm. Yes, 1.8 mm! That’s really small–0.070866142 (or 7/100ths) of an inch. It’s about 50% smaller than the previously smallest cataract surgical incision.

And why is this important? Not only is there much less fluid flowing in and out of the eye with the Stellaris® , but there is also much less turbulence. This is crucial in protecting the delicate cells lining the inside of the cornea. The Stellaris® also removes the cataract much more efficiently, using less energy and significantly reducing the risk of the complications that can occur with cataract surgery. With a smaller incision, the risk of creating astigmatism is virtually nonexistent. The risk of infection is also significantly reduced.

So why have we made another investment for our patients in the latest and greatest technology? Because we feel so lucky to have your trust and confidence, we want to do everything we can to continue delivering the very best care possible. You trust us with your eyes, and you share that trust with your friends and family by your referrals. Please know that we will never take that trust for granted!

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