Good Luck With Lots Of Strings Attached

Paula’s interest in playing the violin began during her schooling at a Catholic school. Sister Dolarette brought in an eighth-grader, Margaret, to play a song on the violin for her class. Paula said, “I went home that night and said I want to play the violin. That’s how I got started.” Paula continued to nurture her passion for playing the violin during her high school years and went on earning her bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Viterbo College, a fine arts college in La Crosse, Wisconsin. And her Masters of Music in Viola Performance from Florida State University in Tallahassee. Before moving to San Diego, she performed with the El Paso Symphony, the Pro Musical Chamber Ensemble in El Paso Texas, and the Jacksonville Symphony in Jacksonville Florida.

Since moving to California, she has freelanced extensively in the San Diego area and the Baja with a variety of orchestras, chamber ensembles and guest performers including Starlight Theatre, San Diego Comic Opera, San Diego Chamber Orchestra and many more.

“I had Crystalens surgery about a month ago. Already, my middle vision allows me to play any music I want without glasses. One of my other passions is reading, and I can do that without glasses also. I’m looking forward to having my other eye done very soon. I’ve known Dr. Davies for a very long time because two of his children studied violin with me. There is no one else besides Dr. Davies that I would consider trusting with my eyes!”

In June of 2006, Paula partnered with Luthier, Kevin Smith, and opened ‘The Violin Shop’ in Sorrento Valley, offering a full range of instruments, bows, accessories and services to students and professionals.

For more information visit Paula says, “The shop has given me the opportunity to continue doing what I love to do; teaching, having a string quartet and performing.” In addition, on November 2008, she became the founding conductor for the North Coast Strings, an adult beginners orchestra, sponsored by The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad. Musical talent runs in the family. Paula’s son Daniel plays the piano. A treasured memory is the music her son composed when he was seven years old.

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