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YES! Experience REALLY matters!

My experience with Doctor Davies was so calm and enjoyable. I had no worries during surgery because of the kind manner by all the staff and the wonderfully distracting humor from Doctor Davies. The recovery process was much better than I was expecting. The best part is that I wake up and end my day with perfect vision which has been a nice change to have. I can be active and not worry about glasses. I also never have to worry about accidentally not packing contacts when I take a trip somewhere! I will be forever grateful to the Davies team.


College Student

For me, surgeries are very scary. But, thanks to Dr. Davies and his wonderful staff my experience with LASIK surgery was a success! With my new clear vision I feel safe driving both night and day, at work I can easily adjust to things far from me, and at home I don’t have to wonder where my glasses are, how many times I’ve dropped them or how scratched they are. The best part? My recovery was nice, easy, and absolutely pain free. It’s safe to say a huge inconvenience is now gone. I’m glad I chose Dr. Davies and his friendly staff to walk me through this procedure. I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you, Dr. Davies, for your attention, hard work and dedication!


Wife, Mother, Support Rep, Student

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