Patient Referral Winners

"I was so excited I couldn't sleep!"

Sue Clark…Congrats! Sue is celebrating spring early with her new Coach bag! Sue Clark is the lucky April winner of our 2011 “Flyin’ Hawaiian” referral program.   Sue won a beautiful spring Coach handbag for referring her friend. Sue also earned an entry in our year-end grand prize drawing. Sue said, “Funny story, when I got the call about the prize, I had no idea what a Coach bag was until my sixteen year old niece explained it to me. I never expected to win anything. In fact, that’s not even the reason why I’m referring people to Dr. Davies.  I just have so much trust in him and his abilities.” Dr. Davies has been working with Sue’s friend to treat her Dry Eye Syndrome before correcting her cataracts. For those of you that are not familiar with this condition, Dry Eye Syndrome is one of the most common problems that Dr. Davies’ treats. In fact, nation wide, over ten million Americans suffer from dry eyes.

Vision Hurdles…

Sue said, “My parents have been patients of Dr. Davies since 1992. My dad has since passed away but I still bring my mom to see Dr. Davies. And my sister is now a patient too.” Before Sue corrected her cataracts, she told us, “I had to wear glasses for reading and driving. If I was in a store like Costco, the lights would just be horrible, the glare! My husband and I love going on road trips. My vision and color perception got so bad that I didn’t even notice that the trees and bushes had different colors. It was time, it was definitely time.”

A Bright Future…Literally! Sue said, “I am so pleased with my vision improvements. All of a sudden I can see so clearly, it’s a miracle. It’s just been a very positive experience.”

“You guys are so caring here. Everyone, from front to back, that’s what my husband noticed too while I was in surgery. It just runs so smoothly. And everyone is kind and caring. You just feel comfortable when you’re here. I wouldn’t refer anyone to anybody else.” – Sue Clark

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