Corneal Disease

The cornea is the front clear window of the eye. Conditions that affect the clarity of the cornea, such as swelling or scarring, cause blurry vision that is difficult to correct with glasses or contacts. The most common of these conditions is called Fuchs dystrophy. This process affects the inner layer of the cornea, which is comprised of water pump cells. Over time, these cells die out, and as a result fluid can build up inside the cornea and cause it to swell.

Occasionally, some or all of the cornea may need to be replaced to restore its clarity. Our corneal surgeon Dr Foster performs all types of corneal transplantation, including traditional (full-thickness) penetrating grafts, anterior lamellar grafts, and endothelial grafts. He is the only surgeon in North County performing the most advanced form of transplant, the Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty. This sutureless technique is considered the “crown jewel” of contemporary corneal surgery and is the most cutting-edge treatment for conditions such as Fuchs dystrophy.

If you have a corneal problem that is resulting in blurriness, Dr. Foster will be happy to help you restore your vision!

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