Patient Spotlight

Skip Hedrich

 American Eagle Driver

“I will be driving the American Eagle 400+ MPH, and it’s imperative I have precise vision. Dr. Davies has an astonishing reputation for his surgeries, so I have chosen him to give me the most keen eyesight medically possible.”

400 MPH equates to a distance of 2 football fields in one second!


American Eagle @ Bonneville Salt Flats

The American Eagle is a self-made streamliner that was designed, constructed and is driven by Skip Hedrich, one of Dr. Davies’ Patients. Skip’s company, Hedrich Motorsports, installed a Dodge NASCAR engine into The American Eagle. It made a qualifying run of 347.75 MPH with a terminal speed of 353.35 MPH. Wow, that’s fast! Skip and his team are striving to achieve 400+ MPH speed records. Skip and his team take The American Eagle to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah for their record-runs.

See Skip and the American Eagle In Action!

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