What do the 22,000+ patients we’ve seen say about us? Yes, you read correctly. We’ve helped over 22 THOUSAND people! Check out a few of their stories…Read More

Skip Hedrich

The American Eagle is a self-made streamliner that was designed, constructed and is driven by Skip Hedrich, one of Dr. Davies’ Patients. Skip’s company, Hedrich Motorsports, installed a Dodge NASCAR engine into The American Eagle. It made a qualifying run of 347.75 MPH with a terminal speed of 353.35 MPH. Wow, that’s fast! Skip and his team are striving to achieve 400+ MPH speed records. Skip and his team take The American Eagle to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah for their record-runs…Read More

Charles started out as an Insurance Estimator for Lockheed Aircraft while most of his close friends had already been drafted for the war in Europe. Charles entered the classification center at Santa Ana, CA where he passed the physical examinations and then was transferred to Thunderbird Field, in Phoenix, AZ to train as an Aviation Cadet with the Air Force. Next post was a small, one stoplight town called Pecos in Texas which had the most advanced school for Multi-Engine Training…Read More

Carrie Tomseth and Husband

Rockin’ garden queen and grandmother of 10 (with a set of twins on the way), Carrie Tomseth has an abundance of love and passion for her wonderful family. She resides in beautiful wine country Temecula, where there are beautiful rolling hills and no shortage of hot air balloons drifting through the skies. Carrie loves having the grandkids over. She reads them stories and especially loves revealing her magic gardening secrets to them! They start off with a selection of gardening gloves and shovels. She then shows them the excitement that comes with the dedication and hard work. “There is nothing like getting in there, getting your hands dirty and watching something grow!”…Read More

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