Nan Bushley, ‘The Sawdust Maker’

Nan Bushley Springing Forward with her New Discovery!

Our latest Spotlight, Nan had a 21-year career in the Navy as a nurse. When she retired to the North County area in 1979, she went looking for a hobby. Nan’s first impulse? Photography! She soon discovered that photography was a bit too solitary for her character. She discovered that Palomar College had an excellent woodworking program and she could use her GI Bill to attend. She loved it! “I took everything! It took me six years to get my AA in woodworking technology and it only took me one and half years to get my Masters in nursing,” Nan laughed. Nan’s passion soon became a second career when she began teaching woodworking at Palomar College–for the next 19 years!

Giving Back to Heroes

Her favorite form of woodworking is woodturning. She is a founding member and President of the 2013 San Diego Woodturners (SDWT). One of Nan’s favorite things about her art form is the woodturning community. “I find them to be a very good group of people; friendly and willing to share their skills and experience with others,” Nan says. That sense of spirit and community was just what Nan needed to get the ‘Turn Around for Vets’ program off the ground. In addition to TAV providing basic woodturning skills, the program provides therapeutic value to disabled vets. “It’s so great when they get excited about a project and then to see the pride on their faces when they succeed. Very rewarding,” said Nan.

Good Intermediate Vision is a Must for Woodturning

When Nan’s vision began to deteriorate and driving at night became a problem, she headed off to her optometrist. “His recommendation was to have Dr. Davies help take care of those pesky cat-racts,” Nan says. Prior to cataract surgery, Nan depended on trifocal glasses to read, woodturn and drive. The Crystalens™ was ideal for reducing Nan’s dependency on glasses for her daily activities. Nan said, “I’m very pleased and have been so impressed with Dr. Davies and the entire office. You all have my vote!”

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