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We Had The WHOLE Family Together!

Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

Since this was the last opportunity for all members of our family to gather before we were scattered to the wind, we took advantage of the week of Memorial Day to create some great memories. Our youngest daughter, Natalie was about to leave for a Church mission to Denver, Colorado. Our eldest granddaughter, Taylor would be Hawaii-bound for college a year later, and her brother, Kaden, off on a mission a year after that.

Those of the family who live in Idaho and Utah flew to Phoenix and took a shuttle from there to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, while the rest of us made the 7 1⁄2 hour drive from San Diego. It was a most enjoyable, but chaotic time, filled with swimming, beach-combing, games, lots of laughter, a few skinned knees and more than our share of sunburns.

A highlight of the trip was our visit to the Esperanza Para Los Niños (Hope for the Children) orphanage. Besides the fun of a vacation, we have always wanted to emphasize the importance of service to our children and grandchildren. We went to the Puerto Peñasco Sam’s Club (just like home) and filled our baskets with all sorts of food items. After a 20-minute drive we arrived at our destination and were greeted by a wonderful group of kids and leaders. We played games, shared a lot of laughter and even a couple of foot races. Our family will long remember the wonderful time of gathering with our neighbors to the south.

-Dr. Davies

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