Super Grandma

Carrie Tomseth, AKA ‘Super Grandma’

Rejuvenated Grandmother Doesn’t Want To Miss A Single Memory!

Rockin’ garden queen and grandmother of 10 (with a set of twins on the way), Carrie Tomseth has an abundance of love and passion for her wonderful family. She resides in beautiful wine country Temecula, where there are beautiful rolling hills and no shortage of hot air balloons drifting through the skies. Carrie loves having the grandkids over. She reads them stories and especially loves revealing her magic gardening secrets to them! They start off with a selection of gardening gloves and shovels. She then shows them the excitement that comes with the dedication and hard work. “There is nothing like getting in there, getting your hands dirty and watching something grow!”

Willing to try anything, Carrie also participates in activities such as water skiing, snowboarding, photography, and taking frequent trips to the desert with her husband. She loves arts and crafts as well, but she began to notice that she needed to hold her projects up a little closer to her eyes. Same with the grandkids’ books. With such a busy lifestyle, her reading glasses were becoming a problem. Although Carrie had Lasik Surgery several years ago, she could tell it was wearing off and halos that glimmer off the lights were starting to make a comeback. Carrie still has a lot of life to live and was not ready to let her eyesight bother her anymore.

“At first I was nervous, but after reading all of his great reviews, I felt really comfortable putting my vision in Dr. Davies’ hands. He’s fantastic! I’ve started spreading the word about him within my ‘Good Ol’ Gals’ networking group. Thanks again!!” – Carrie

Who Can I Trust?

Carrie decided it was time to take a stand against everyday adversity, and called Dr. Davies! As most people would be, her and her family were nervous when they first heard she was having eye surgery. But after reading several copies of the newsletter, she was sure Dr. Davies was the right choice. What exactly did Dr. Davies do for Carrie? He first removed the cataract that was making her vision blurry and dulling her colors, then Dr. Davies performed the Crystalens procedure. Carrie describes this experience as “fantastic, and really comfortable.” Carrie then explained how they went the extra mile by bringing her favorite danish from a local bakery straight to her, after the surgery was finished! Carrie is now a strong believer of Dr. Davies. She’s even referred her husband to him!

Carrie Tomseth and Husband
“I wasn’t going to let bad eyesight stop me from living an active and fulfilling lifestyle!?

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